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MD Dr Dieter Hartung and his team have specialised in the high-dose vitamin C treatment and are authorised to implement it. The Alternative Cancer Treatment Centre in Kehl, under the medical direction of MD Dr Hartung, fights cancer with intravenous vitamin C. Patients with chronic diseases, such as Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, etc. are also treated with vitamin C infusions here. In the Alternative Cancer Treatment Centre in Kehl near Strasbourg, patients from all over the world discover modern and holistic biological cancer therapies.

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Vitamin C – how much?

If you read older scientific papers, you will be amazed at the low doses that were used back then. 100 mg of Vitamin C appeared to be relatively high values. Today, it is not surprising to hear people talking of 1000 mg of Vitamin C or more as a daily dose. One usually sticks to the conviction that: “With vitamins, you need not worry too much about the dosage. However, with hormones, the dosage must be considered carefully and administered with great caution.”

A Vitamin C overdose is very rare. The tolerability of Vitamin C is based on the fact that Vitamin C does not accumulate in the body.
The dose should be reduced if the patient has diarrhoea.

If you are in healthy condition and you eat daily vegetables and fruits, you have sufficient amounts of vitamin c.

If you have a cancer disease or other chronic diseases, it is often helpful to give vitamin c intravenously high dose.

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