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MD Dr Dieter Hartung and his team have specialised in the high-dose vitamin C treatment and are authorised to implement it. The Alternative Cancer Treatment Centre in Kehl, under the medical direction of MD Dr Hartung, fights cancer with intravenous vitamin C. Patients with chronic diseases, such as Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, etc. are also treated with vitamin C infusions here. In the Alternative Cancer Treatment Centre in Kehl near Strasbourg, patients from all over the world discover modern and holistic biological cancer therapies.

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Vitamin C – treatment of viral diseases

Viral infections, such as influenza, HIV, hepatitis, herpes zoster, etc., lead to reactive oxygen compounds that are burdensome to the patient and are often overlooked in hospitals. These reactive oxygen compounds not only weaken the immune system but also increase the risk of getting infected with other diseases. Elevated levels of reactive oxygen compounds in the liver are often a sign of chronic viral diseases. Intravenous treatment with high-dose Vitamin C is a key therapeutic building block in the fight against chronic viral infections.

At the Alternative Cancer Treatment Centre in Kehl, Dr. Hartung usually administers the following Vitamin C infusions.

Cancer illnesses: 3-15 g of Vitamin C, intravenous e.g., once to thrice per week
Rheumatic diseases 5-10 g of Vitamin C, intravenous e.g., twice per week
HIV AIDS: 5 g Vitamin C, intravenous, twice per month
Herpes infections: 5-10 g daily in the acute stage

Vitamin- C treatments should be done only by medial doctors with experience in this treatment.

The vitamin-c doses must be adjusted individually to the general health condition of the patient and his disease.

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