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MD Dr Dieter Hartung and his team have specialised in the high-dose vitamin C treatment and are authorised to implement it. The Alternative Cancer Treatment Centre in Kehl, under the medical direction of MD Dr Hartung, fights cancer with intravenous vitamin C. Patients with chronic diseases, such as Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, etc. are also treated with vitamin C infusions here. In the Alternative Cancer Treatment Centre in Kehl near Strasbourg, patients from all over the world discover modern and holistic biological cancer therapies.

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Vitamin C – important vitamin for the human body

Human beings can only survive if they ingest sufficient amounts of Vitamin C.

There are two forms of Vitamin C: ascorbic acid and dehydroascorbic acid. The dehydroascorbic acid lacks two hydrogen atoms. This used Vitamin C is excreted in the urine. After they have been used up in the human body, all water-soluble vitamins are excreted in a different form through urine.

Vitamin C is a white powder. It dissolves easily in water. It has a sour taste. Vitamin C is a carbohydrate that works as a reducing agent to prevent oxidative processes. All plants and most animals can produce the Vitamin C they need. The human body cannot produce Vitamin C and must ingest it through food.

Earlier, when people ate vegetables, fruits, and smaller quantities of meat, they usually had a sufficient supply of Vitamin C. Today, there is an increased risk that many people do not consume enough Vitamin C. Unripe harvests, long transport routes, poor food preparation, etc. make it difficult for the population to get a good supply of Vitamin C.

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