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MD Dr Dieter Hartung and his team have specialised in the high-dose vitamin C treatment and are authorised to implement it. The Alternative Cancer Treatment Centre in Kehl, under the medical direction of MD Dr Hartung, fights cancer with intravenous vitamin C. Patients with chronic diseases, such as Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, etc. are also treated with vitamin C infusions here. In the Alternative Cancer Treatment Centre in Kehl near Strasbourg, patients from all over the world discover modern and holistic biological cancer therapies.

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Vitamin C – Hormones – Enzymes

Paracelsus liked to talk about Arcana, which means secret remedies. He was not just referring to secret medical formulas but also valuable natural remedies.

These included hormones, vitamins, and enzymes.

There are three agents of which small doses cause major changes in the body.

The first are the hormones. These are produced by the body itself. It not only uses the hormones to control certain functions of different organs, but also to maintain metabolism.

The second are vitamins. The vitamins must be supplied to the body from the outside. It does not produce them. Vitamins are parts of the components of enzymes and are also important in metabolic processes due to their specific properties. Some metabolic processes cannot take place without vitamins. Just like Vitamin B, Vitamin C is also one of the water-soluble vitamins. Many organisms can produce their own Vitamin C and it is therefore like a hormone for them. However, the human body cannot produce it and hence the classification under vitamins. If the body has a significant Vitamin C deficiency, deficiency symptoms arise, such as the disease called scurvy.

The third are enzymes. Enzymes are needed to facilitate chemical reactions in the body.

They speed up the chemical reactions. Vitamins are also components of some enzymes.

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